Farming Calendar

This is the current tobacco calendar. Some of the prescribed dates have a legislative effect and must be adhered to. Failure to follow legislated dates may result in you commiting a criminal offence.

January / February
Early ploughing and lime if necessary.
15 January
Merchant stock returns.
15 January
Grower 1st estimate submission.
February / March
Finalise crop budget, cash flow and financing arrangements for the coming season.
March / April
Check weed re-growth and re-plough early ploughed lands if necessary.
31 March
Grower 2nd estimate submission.
Order fumigants and seed and pest control materials - fumigate and make-up seedbeds.
15 May
Last date for destruction of all living tobacco plants.
June / July / August
Main seed sowing dates.
1 June
Earliest date for sowing seed.
Seedbed watering, pest and disease control. Order coal, repair barn tiers.
Main land preparation and ridging.
1 August
Earliest date for sowing gum tree seed.
Seedbed management, hardening and clipping where necessary. Land preparation and ridging.
1 September
Earliest date for transplanting (irrigated crop).
30 September
Auction floor licence application.
October / November
Planting dates for main dry land crop.
Disease and pest control and routine spraying.
31 October
Grower registration deadline (Virginia/Burley/Dark fired).
Refill plants up to 14 days after planting to maintain 100% stand. Top dressing fertilizer.
Weed, disease and pest control and routine spraying. Scouting for insects and take necessary action.
15 December
Last day for the destruction of unsold tobacco.
31 December
Commercial graders/re-handlers applications.
31 December
Plant gum tree seedlings.
31 December
Destroy all seedbeds to control pests and diseases.