Functions of the Board

The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board is primarily a regulatory and advisory statutory body. In terms of the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Act [Chapter:18:20], the functions of the Board shall be: -

  • to control and regulate the marketing of tobacco in Zimbabwe;
  • to promote, project and maintain the sale of tobacco;
  • to collate statistics relating to the provision, marketing, manufacture and consumption of tobacco;
  • to distribute market studies and information relating to the marketing, manufacture and consumption of tobacco;
  • to advise the Minister of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development on all matters relating to the marketing of tobacco; and
  • to do all such things which the Act or any other enactment requires the Board to do.

Services Offered by the TIMB

  • Administration and control of the tobacco delivery system.
  • Arbitration and sales supervision at auction floors in order to maintain orderly marketing.
  • Classification of tobacco from which statistical information is derived and reports published.
  • Collating and distributing information on production, consumption, manufacture and export tobacco.
  • Conducting crop assessment surveys to determine crop yield potential and quality composition of the crop in advance of the selling season.
  • Granting of export permits.
  • Licencing of tobacco buyers, auction floors and commercial graders.
  • Monitoring and ensuring timeous and efficient shipment of tobacco exports.
  • Monitoring the control of tobacco pests to ensure exportation of tobacco free from pesticide residues.
  • Registration of all types of tobacco growers.